Idea Generation

Our expert Facilitators take you and your team through idea generation, concentration and concept development in a smooth, yet creatively engaging way. From hundreds of new ideas, you’ll end up with 8-12+ professionally composed thoughts that are available for consumer reaction groups, or further private testing.

creative thinking services

Our idea generation gatherings are equal parts accepting busting, insight mining, ethnography, and team building. Ranging from positioning to new merchandise ideation, we have the tools—and the experience—to help by any ideation need. Starting from the customer/user view, combine technology and market perspectives to develop a system for assisting innovative business ideas.
Idea generation is the creative method of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas in a visual, concrete, or abstract format. All of these ideas are formulated as a member of our design thinking process, which begins with innovation and then moves to development and ultimately to actualisation.

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