Digital Competitive Analysis

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When you know who you are battling against, you level up the playing field. A possible competitive analysis offers insight into the strengths and vulnerabilities of your business competitors. We can help accelerate your business by evaluating the marketplace and finding you a competitive edge. The digital competitive analysis finds the strengths and weaknesses of your potential and immediate competition. This evaluation gives insights for the implementation of preventive and aggressive strategies to identify possibilities for progress and threats to your digital marketing ambitions. Competitor analysis should be must of your marketing plan.

Our competitive analysis will reveal your critical insights into how you compare to your top competitors by:

  1. Assessing your website and areas that can be improved 
  2. Discovering search engine real estate and social clarity
  3. Recognizing digital assets applied in the buying funnel 
  4. Deciding how you present your product, service, and value proposition, including what sales strategies you and your competitors are encouraging potential customers down 
  5. Pinpointing online advertising tactics across numerous social channels
  6. Evaluating customer and employee comfort and feedback. 

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